Phillip S. Oberrecht

Additional Reported Decisions

  • Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center v. Ada County, 146 Idaho 862, 204 P.3d 502 (2009) (Decision in favor of medical center reversing denial of administrative petition on grounds of lack of standing to pursue application.  Represented Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center.)
  • Venable v. Internet Auto Rent & Sales, Inc., 156 Idaho 574, 329 P.3d 356 (2014) (Decision in favor of defendant in wrongful discharge case affirming summary judgment on breach of contract and wrongful discharge in violation of public policy claims.  Negligent infliction of emotional distress and slander claims were not appealed after jury gave the defendant a verdict of no liability.  Represented Internet Auto Rent & Sales, Inc.)
  • Peterson v. Idaho First National Bank, 117 Idaho 724, 791 P.2d 1303 (1990) (Product liability case decided in favor of defendant bank on grounds that common law strict liability does not extend to commercial seller of used products who sells the used product in essentially the same condition as when it was acquired for resale.  Represented Idaho First National Bank.)
  • Syringa Networks, LLC v. Idaho Dept. of Administration, et al., 155 Idaho 55, 305 P.3d 499 (2013) (Decision in favor of defendant ENA Services, LLC on alleged breach of teaming agreement between Syringa and ENA.  Represented ENA Services, LLC.)
  • RAMCO v. HK Contractors, Inc., 118 Idaho 108, 794 P.2d 1381 (1990) (Decision in favor of plaintiff who had sued to recover tax savings from contract involving spinoff of subsidiary business. Represented RAMCO.)
  • Washington Equipment Manufacturing Company, Inc. v. Concrete Placing Company, Inc., 85 Wash. App. 240, 931 P.2d 170 (1997) (Decision in favor of defendant foreign corporation which was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction.  Represented Concrete Placing Company, Inc.)
  • Tolley v. THI Company, 140 Idaho 253, 92 P.3d 503 (2004) (Decision in favor of defendant company affirming summary judgment against former wife of shareholder who sought to compel family corporation to purchase shares transferred to her in divorce proceeding.  Represented THI Company.)
  • Hickman v. Fraternal Order of Eagles, Boise No. 155, 114 Idaho 545, 758 P.2d 704 (1988) (Decision affirming jury verdict in favor of defendant Fraternal Order of Eagles after jury trial found no liability in combined wrongful death and personal injury dram shop case.  Represented Fraternal Order of Eagles, Boise No. 155.)
  • Brooks v. Terteling, 107 Idaho 262, 688 P.2d 1167 (1984) (Decision affirmed lower court decision after bench trial finding an option agreement to purchase land part of a single transaction involving sale of other acreage and determining option was not unconscionable. Represented Terteling.)
  • Pedigo v. Rowley, 101 Idaho 201, 610 P.2d 560 (1980) (Decision in favor of child's father denying negligent supervision in speedboat accident that struck child floating on air mattress off shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene.  Represented Rowley.)
  • Wing v. Martin, 107 Idaho 267, 688 P.2d 1172 (1984) (Decision affirming summary judgment for manufacturer of herbicide, holding that amended complaint was inadequate to allege improper labeling and claim was barred by two year statute of limitations.  Represented E.I. de Pont de Numours and Company.)
  • Braun v. Ada County, 102 Idaho 901, 643 P.2d 1071 (1982) (Decision holding that hospital's Hilburton Act uncompensated services obligation was not a resource available under state statute defining medically indigent person.  Represented Marcia Braun.)
  • St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, Ltd. v. Gem County, Idaho 107 Idaho 998, 695 P.2d 383 (1985) (Decision finding automatic approval of medical indigency application which had neither been approved nor denied in writing by commissioners within statutory 60 day statutory period.  Represented St. Luke's Regional Medical Center.)
  • Saxton v. Gem County, 113 Idaho 929, 750 P.2d 950 (1988) (Decision finding doctors' bills to be covered under medical indigency statutes.  Represented Saxton.)