Transportation law is a specialized field that involves some of the largest manufacturing companies and transport firms in the world. The laws that govern liability in the transportation industry are highly complex, warranting a knowledgeable and experienced transportation law attorneys. Our attorneys are well versed with these standards as well as possessing the attention to detail required for investigations, familiarity with spoliation issues, and experience with accident reconstruction. We have significant experience representing transportation insurers, trucking companies, and other motor freight related entities in personal injury, product liability, negligence, and wrongful death lawsuits.

The attorneys at GBS also have substantial experience in other areas of law, which compliment their transportation practice. The breadth of experience possessed by our attorneys provides the necessary foundation to successfully handle and meet your transportation litigation needs.

In addition, as a member of ALFA International, in particular, the Transportation Group, we have access to a global network from the oldest legal networking group in existence. Through this exceptionally effectively alliance, we can assure our clients of the highest level of service and expertise in this area.