Whether working with commercial or residential developers, existing landowners, contractors, lenders, or prospective investors and buyers, the attorneys at GBS are committed to providing the best real estate transactional and land use legal services.

The attorneys at GBS offer expertise in a variety of transaction types, including all aspects of real estate development and land use application. We provide our clients with successful negotiations for land acquisitions, development and construction contracts, sales and leases, and a variety of land uses. Our client list includes all players in a real estate or development transaction, including financial institutions, owners, developers, contractors and guarantors, demonstrating our diversity of skills and expertise.

We endeavor to work towards the best solutions for our clients, which in some cases require litigation. In the event that a solution cannot be had outside of court, the attorneys at GBS have the experience and expertise necessary to provide excellent litigation representation. Our track record demonstrates a consistent commitment and capacity to achieve the best resolution for our real estate and land use clients, regardless of whether the litigation involves a boundary dispute, a breached contract, a construction defect, a loan modification, or a land condemnation.