We are always looking for ways to maximize our efficiency and quality of service.

Never stagnant, never satisfied with status quo, we strive to incorporate the newest technological advances into Greener Burke Shoemaker, constantly redefining our case management and communications to better represent our clients.

Trial Focus

We approach every case as if it is going to go to trial. Greener Burke Shoemaker attorneys believe that it is in our clients' best interest to evaluate the merits of each case against that backdrop. This allows us to evaluate and pursue the most efficient and advantageous resolution of each of our clients' cases. Even when early settlement is our clients' objective, our trial-driven approach encourages favorable settlements because we understand and are prepared to expose our opponents' weaknesses early in the process. Similarly, we approach discovery (and discovery disputes) with trial in mind.


The attorneys at Greener Burke Shoemaker are advocates with significant trial and litigation experience. We hold the reputation and experience of Idaho's premier trial attorneys, with the expertise and technological capabilities you would expect from a sophisticated national or regional firm.

We are a firm uniquely structured to provide lean high-end staffing on your case - meaning that your lawyer works directly with you, supported by a team of highly qualified litigation professionals.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of success, strategically utilizing the latest technology and alternative fee arrangements to deliver value and efficiency for our clients.


Effective use of the latest available technology allows us to perform superior work, utilizing fewer attorneys in less time. All of our attorneys communicate with each other and clients electronically, thereby improving communication and delivery of legal services.

In addition, we utilize the latest trial presentation technology to manage and present complex cases in the courtroom. Our case management software enables us to manage document intensive cases in an efficient and result-oriented manner.


Our efficient representation is based on a lean-staffing model where partners have top to bottom involvement in the case, with the support of experienced associates and paralegals.

Early Assessment and Budgeting

We provide each client with detailed information about every case as early in the process as possible. Toward the end, we assess the legal merits of each claim. We also candidly discuss the anticipated cost of litigation and regularly update the projected budget as the litigation landscape shifts.

In addition, we provide staffing and case management support tools specifically tailored to each client's needs. Armed with the information and professional support they need, our clients are able to make the tough decisions that lay before them as the litigation process unfolds.

Fee Structure

We share economic risk through alternative, non-hourly fee arrangements such as contingency fees, flat fees, and hybrid hourly and incentive fees. Whether we are earning a contingent or an hourly fee, we focus on results-driven, efficient representation.

ALFA International Legal Network

ALFA InternationalGBS is a member of ALFA International, the global legal network. With 145 member firms in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, ALFA International is the premier global network of independent law firms. ALFA International’s success is driven by its members’ broad, deep, local relationships both in the United States and throughout the world. ALFA International’s mission is to provide clients with high-quality, cost-efficient legal services worldwide. The ALFA International model enables GBS to use its local expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions, while drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms within the United States and around the world as needed. GBS’s clients’ also benefit from a wide range of unsurpassed educational programming including: seminars, webinars, legal compendia, etc. More information is available at

Your success is the measure of our success. We approach every piece of work with this principle in mind.